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Monday, January 18, 2010

Email Misteri tentang hypnotism


This is regarding the apostasy-by-hypnotism method used by THE DARK CLAN to force Muslims to abandon Islam. The apostates told me personally that they are from the Dark Clan mentioned by Harun Yahya in his book of the same name. Actually their group has been around for thousands of years but Harun Yahya is the first to accurately write about them, hence they took on the name The Dark Clan.

They use hypnosis via (a) eye contact or (b) skin contact or even long distance hypnosis through (c) voice over telephone or (d) photograph of the victim. This is their admission to me (they may or may not be telling the truth).

Once the victims of hypnosis have been hypnotized, they will be persuaded or even threatened (as I was) to announce or make declaration that Allah does not exist.

AFTER the victims make the declaration that Allah does not exist (Alhamdulillah, I resisted their threats), the apostates gain magical powers which they claim is "wave energy" or other forms of energy (which are actually kafir jinn and Satan). Among the magical powers are telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, ability to see auras, chakras or spirit beings (jinn?), experiencing precognition and others (please see video clip below, minute 1:27). They are also able to hypnotize other victims to spread their ideology. All these magical powers (sihir) are gotten without learning or attending classes. Just reciting "Allah does not exist" after being hypnotized is enough.

All these sihir are actually kafir jinn and Satan deceiving the apostates as they have become followers of iblis laknatullah.

Some of the apostates have told me they experienced something similar to the video clip below while being hypnotized:

According to the victims of hypnotism, they see the whole universe, planets, moons, stars, solar systems, galaxies, heaven (but not hell, hell does not exist according to them), and proof that Allah does not exist! I did not see these when I was hypnotized. I only saw colorful bubbles floating to the top and darkness all around me. Alhamdulillah,
Allah saved me.

Once they have declared they don't believe in Allah, these apostates then converted to Buddhism or Hinduism or Atheism or New Ageism, etc. They only PRETEND to be Muslims who are secular, liberal, plural, progressive, modern, etc.

A few of them even perform the Articles/pillars of Islam (Recite shahadah, salat, sawm, zakat, and hajj) but most do not. But ALL of them do not believe in Articles/pillars of Iman (believe in Allah, Malaikat, Holy Quran,
Injil, Taurat, Zabur, Nabi & Rasools, etc.) They only pretend to be Muslims so as to provide cover from the religious authorities in Malaysia (Quran 63:1 – 6).

Example of Buddhist magic done on me:

Some of them who have converted to Tibetan Buddhism have been active for the more than 50 years in Malaysia (since the conquest of Tibet by China), covertly converting Muslims through hypnosis, economic and sexual incentives, psychological and physical threats and other means. They claim to worship Dorje Shugden.

Several of the apostates have mentioned to me that Dorje Shugden is their protector and assistor (Quran 18:102). At the time, I did not understand who or what Shugden is. I did ask them who or what Dorje Shugden is. All I got was, I was spat at and threatened that if I did not join them, they would beat me up and kill me. They even declared
war on me and Muslims who refuse to join them. I refused, of course, and as a result was slandered, namimah (I don't know the English word), oppressed, humiliated, black magicked, many attempts to kill me (it's a long story so I shortened it). This went on for decades.

This is one of the sihir they use that i've personally witnessed they used on someone at long distance. This sihir can be done on someone in the past, present and future, regardless of time and space.

Please look at video clip below minute 0:50. Definitely not healing!

Muslims are being hypnotised to become apostates and secretly convert to other religions. I was a victim but Allah subhana wa taala saved me from being converted by hypnotism.

Reports I made to the religious authorities and police was futile.

The authorities dismissed my reports saying there is no law against apostasy in Malaysia. Is this true? I could not proof my allegations as it was my word against the apostates. According to one of them, there are more than 2 million, maybe more than 4 million, apostates in Malaysia since the 1950s. No proof was offered to support this claim.

The Dark Clan start hypnotizing Muslims at a young age; beginning in the primary schools. I remember when I was 8 or 9 years old, my schoolmates (same age) claimed they can hypnotize people, see the future, read other people's minds, throw their voice over long distances, etc,. And they even proved it to me! They showed they can
read my mind, hypnotize others, influence events, etc,.

I was amazed and wanted to learn the magic but when my schoolmates tried to hypnotize me, I did not see anything. All I saw was colorful bubbles and darkness. This happened several times as I grew up; from primary school, secondary school, university, work place and until I was in my 30s. Different "friends" from different background, different time, different locations and different situations. All had the same magical abilities. Later on, I found out that they all knew each other and had been trying to lure me into The Dark Clan. They claimed that my mother was the one who requested them to entice me to join The Dark Clan.

And I admit, my mother can read minds, hypnotize others, see the future, etc,. I experienced these as I was growing up in my house. But the strange thing is, she went for the Hajj and prays regularly. This is the reason I could not believe my parents are not Muslims anymore. They still perform Articles/pillars of Islam.

One of the so called "friends" admitted they hypnotized my wife even before I met and knew her as they already know who my wife will be and took the preemptive action to convert her to their religion. They claim this is to ensure they can lure me into The Dark Clan as they have surrounded me completely. They work together as a team to cajole, entice or even force Muslims to join The Dark Clan.

But back to the Tibetan Buddhists, I have further proof that even the Tibetan Buddhists headed by the Dalai Lama and the prime minister-in-exile have banned the worship of Dorje Shugden and his worshippers.

…...your idol becomes the devil…………Shugden is simply a spirit that brings evil (minute 2:00) ……Shugden followers have resorted to killing and beating people, they start fires, tell endless lies….(minute 3:50) ……a lot of Shugden perpetrators are becoming terrorists and that they are willing to kill anybody. They are willing to beat up anybody(minute 6:30)

As I watched Al Jazeera's report, it made sense to me altogether. They are worshipping SATAN.

It is my responsibility to warn Muslims about this danger. The Dark Clan has been successful in operating undercover in Malaysia and globally. There are many hypocrites/munafiks who do not believe in Articles/pillars of Iman but claim to be Muslims. They are attacking Muslims and committing MAJOR SINS with impunity as they have connections in the private and government sector, in all levels of society, with networks all over the country and internationally.

I have seen and experienced their oppressive actions done towards me by Asians, Europeans and Africans in Malaysia (as well as overseas). They work together, cooperate and launch a coordinated attack. This is not paranoia or schizophrenia. This is Fact. Please warn our Muslim Scholars (some of them are said to be members of The Dark Clan, but most are not).

Please DO NOT forward this e-mail as I will be arrested under the Internal Security Act (I.S.A) and held in detention without trial for most of my life.



Al-Wafi Ruqya said...

To defend yourself agaisnt this hipnotisme and black magic, recite the following,

1)Al-Fatihah, 7 times.
2)Al-Falaq, 7 times.
3)An-Nas, 7 times.
4)Al-Ikhlas, 7 times.
5)Ayatul Kursi (Al-Baqarah:255), 7 times.

Do this in the morning once, eveneing once, and before sleeping once.

Please follow the order of the surah.

then everyday you must recite Yunus:81-82, at least 100 times. You can divide it into 5 times according to 5 times of prayers and recite 20 times of Yunus:81-82 each.

Akifa said...

btol atau tdk email ni..Allahualam..ada mklumat dlm email ni blh dipercayai n ada yg tdk..berhati2 kpd semua xberani memberi komen lebih lanjut..

ada byk persoalan dlm fkiran sy masa baca cacatan ustaz majid kali ni..

saya tertanya2 knp ustaz majid sgt berani post email ni kt blog..sgt merbahaya sbnrnya..bagi saya sy doakan xda org 'xsepatutnya' masuk blog ni..

akhir skali, sy doakan ustaz majid sentiasa dipelihara oleh Allah..

misterinusansengsara said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, kita jgn jd org yg baru dpt SMS layang, baru kena fitnah sikit, baru kena ugut sikit dah kecut & takut sehingga sanggup memutuskan siratulrahim, sehingga mengIYAkan yg Tidak dll. Kita sokong aja apa salahnyeee. Kalau tk betul pu sekrg2nya kita berhati2Mcm tarmizi saran kan baca fatihah, 3 Qul & ayat kursyi sekrgnya ingat pada Allah pg, ptg & malam.

akifa said...

hmm..mgkin ada yg salah cuma mengingatkan sbb si penghantar email ni pn xbg org forward email dia..krna spt yg dia ckp.. "Please DO NOT forward this e-mail as I will be arrested under the Internal Security Act (I.S.A) and held in detention without trial for most of my life."

what is it mean?


Anonymous said...

Alhamdullilah sampai skg tk plk blog ni di GAM..Thanks atas peringatan. "Demi masa sesungguhnya manusia itu didlm kerugian kecuali org2 beriman dan yg berpesan-pesan utk kebaikan". Mg kita semua diberkati olehNya..

Unknown said...

Maybe dia keliru antara jalan yang diberikan oleh Allah ataupun daripada syaitan-syaitan maha durjana.

Seperti yang kita tahu, org yang banyak amalannya kepada Allah SWT akan ada juga kuasa seperti itu ataupun sebaliknya, org yang tidak beramal diberikan kuasa juga mungkin daripada syaitan..tetapi buruk pangkalnya semua ketentuan dari Allah SWT. Macam ustaz juga, Ustaz beramal semata-mata kerana Allah, dan ustaz mendapat kuasa untuk merawat orang juga daripada Allah SWT.

Cuma satu je nk kata kat sini, mengapa sampaikan mereka gunakan ilmu hitam/syaitan untuk menyesatkan umat Islam dari ajaranNya?.. Dan kat situ memang kita tahu mengikut akal kita yang waras bahawa agama Islam ini adalah agama yang benar sehinggakan bersungguh-sungguh orang ingin menjatuhkannya. Mereka tidak pula menghasut contohnya orang Budha convert to Kristian, ataupun orang Kristian convert to Hindu..tetapi yang nyata adalah Islam convert to all of these religions. Truly in my heart, hati saya bertambah kukuh terhadap Islam apabila membaca emel ini.

Mungkin Ustaz boleh memberi sedikit pandangan?. Betulkan saya kalau saya salah dan jika ada kata-kata yang menyakitkan hati, maaf saja saya pohon. :)

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